Anonymous Reader Takes VDARE.COM To Task For Neglecting Rancher Lawsuit
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From: (Name Withheld)

I'm astonished that none of VDARE.COM's columnists are saying anything about the lawsuit being brought by sixteen Mexicans against the Arizona rancher Roger Barnett, his wife and brother, and Larry Dever, Sheriff of Cochise County.

Mr. Barnett has been in the news before because he has been trying to stop Mexicans illegally coming into the United States from destroying and stealing his property, breaking into his house, and killing his stock. (VDARE.COM note: see our previous coverage here).

The article in the Washington Times makes it pretty clear that the Mexicans are making false accusations, which apparently is their normal way of dealing with any Americans who try to stop them.(16 illegals sue Arizona rancher, by Jerry Seper, February 9, 2009).

MALDEF is involved, of course, and the federal judge is refusing to dismiss an obviously absurd lawsuit.

But no one at VDARE.COM appears to think that it is important to discuss this affair, even briefly. Instead, we have, for instance, a short piece by Mr. Sailer on a baseball player who is in trouble for using steroids six years ago, and an actor who used steroids to gain muscle weight for a role as a wrestler, but is not in trouble, and may well get an Oscar.

Perhaps this little article does have something to do with immigration, since the baseball player is Alex Rodriguez, but nothing is made of this.

Do any of VDARE.COM's writers spend any time going through the Web to get news of this sort? Even if no one discusses this kind of news regularly, it might be a good idea to provide links to news articles.

Peter Brimelow writes: AAARGH! The problem is that there are JUST TOO MANY TARGETS. We need more writers and a redesigned format with newslinks etc. But it all takes MONEY).

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