An "Unhyphenated American" Wonders About and Teddy Roosevelt
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Re: Teddy Roosevelt's blog post Guest Post By Teddy Roosevelt–"Americanism", October 12, 1915

From: An Unhyphenated America [Email him]

I am not trying to be a wise-ass, I just would like an explanation without name calling. I respect your work and think you guys are doing a great job defending our republic.  I have just have one question: If you agree with the principles of Teddy Roosevelt's speech, then how come you do not also criticize white hyphenated Americans, namely Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans and Jewish-Americans.

I believe they are a bigger problem promoting multiculturalism and victimology than the non-white Americans.  Black Americans have no wealth and all their organizations, like the NAACP, are funded by whites. Whenever I turn on the TV and see someone ridiculing a real American like Sarah Palin, the person is most likely a Jew or of Irish or Italian descent.

 The Jews are the biggest problem since they dominate the MainStream Media. Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans still refuse to assimilate and are constantly talking about their Irish or Italian heritage. I don't see Americans of French, English, German, and Northern European countries carrying on the way the "Irish" and "Italians" do about their heritage.

The writer is an American of French-Canadian descent, (we asked) but doesn't make a big thing about it.

James Fulford writes: Here at we don't always agree with Teddy Roosevelt, especially the foreign policy parts. (Too McCain-like) For one thing, he captured Puerto Rico. We'd be happy to give it back. Our presentation of his historical speech to the Knights of Columbus is a public service.

And we spend a lot of time criticizing various white ethnic immigration enthusiasts, which leads to some interesting Today's Letters, especially from the Irish. It's probable that if there is a major immigrant group, we've offended it. It's also likely that we've published articles by members of that group. Search the archives and you'll find both. "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes." [Walt Whitman, Old Stock American]

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