An Unassimilated Hmong Writes About The Latest Hmong Atrocity
March 30, 2017, 03:48 PM
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Re: James Fulford's post Hmong Gunman Kills Four People In Wisconsin

John Doeyoe‎ [Via  Facebook]

Only Hmong people does the following thing and no whites have done them at all.

  • No respect for game laws (which led to the earlier shooting)
James had never watch any Game Law shows
  • Underage sex and marriage by capture
Less I check white teachers are screwing their underage students and kids are being kidnapped for marriage.
  • Gang rape
Again, James had never heard of any white gang members raping women.
  • And lots of shooting
Again, James never heard of the mass shooting by whites

I guess James think the killer in Milwaukee that murder a Hmong couples and a Spanish person is a HERO, since he yelled at them for not speaking English before killing them.

James Fulford writes: (We've not corrected the reader's spelling or grammar for fear of cultural imperialism).

I had written that the Hmong were

the Asian equivalent of wild Indians–as such they fought bravely alongside Special Forces in Vietnam and Laos, but when they were brought, after the Vietnam War to America–specifically Wausau, Wisconsin–they’ve created massive problems, caused by being basically primitive tribesmen.  Some of their antics feature in Ann Coulter’s Adios America.

Things like

  • No respect for game laws (which led to the earlier shooting)
  • Underage sex and marriage by capture
  • Gang rape
  • And lots of shooting
I can prove all that, but let me answer his basic point—that many of these things are things that whites do less of than the Hmong, and some they don't do at all. For example, marriage by capture was abandoned by whites before Queen Elizabeth the First was born—it's still alive in Minnesota, thanks to the Hmong.

Most white men in America would refuse to participate in a gang rape if offered the opportunity—although there are other groups I couldn't guarantee that of. I had not heard of the white lunatic who shot three people in Milwaukee, but I don't attempt to defend it.

When Hmong gunman Chai Vang killed six whites in 2004, we received a letter from a Hmong calling him a hero.