An Oregon Reader Recalls His Trip To Jamaica—When Haitians Were Sent Packing
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From: Terry Baker (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: U.S. Haitian Policy Wins No Friends And Influences No People

When I was in Jamaica a couple years ago, the big news story was a boatload of Haitians who landed on the island. As you would expect, the Jamaicans welcomed them as brothers and invited them in with open arms and promises of citizenship.

Just kidding!

The Jamaicans locked them up for 30 days, sank their boat, and when they got out of prison put them on a Jamaican Coast Guard cutter and dropped them right back off in Haiti—without any of their possessions. [Jamaica Sends Home 86 Haitians, Observer Reporter, December 14, 2005]

I got the feeling those Haitians let everyone know when they returned home that they shouldn't try going to Jamaica illegally. The Haitians certainly didn't get the warm welcome that illegals commonly receive in the US

The Jamaicans I spoke to about this were all in absolute agreement with the policy. They didn't want any of Haiti's problems coming into their country.

White guilt is used to allow in so many broken cultures into America. Yet countries where they share the same ethnicity have no pity toward them.

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