An Oregon Reader Points To A TV Show That, Unlike LAW & ORDER, Tells The Truth About Crime
November 12, 2017, 07:01 PM
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From: An Oregon Reader [Email him]

Investigation Discovery (ID) is a television network with lots of crime documentary shows. ID is not afraid to show black criminals, especially on the show ‘Homicide Hunter with Lieutenant Joe Kenda’.

ID has shown a pretty white woman murdered by her black boyfriend when she tries to break up with him. Of course, such stories are completely at odds with The Narrative of the Main Stream Media. I hope they will continue to be shown. It’s OK to be white!

James Fulford writes: While Law & Order used to use the slogan "ripped from the headlines" they fictionalize so heavily that, for example, it's been said that there have been more abortion clinics have been bombed on that show  than in the entire country in real life. Joe Kenda was a real homicide Lieutenant until he retired, and the crimes are based on his actual cases. This is also true of "The First 48", by the same network. See also 10 Things about Murderers we Learned from “The First 48.”, by Kevin R. C. O'Brien,, April 7, 2014