An Ohio Auditor Adds His Profession To The List Of "Jobs Americans Won't Do"
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From: George Strickland (e-mail him)

Add a new profession to the list of "Jobs Americans Won't Do": state income tax auditor. 

I work in the tax department of a national company that files tax returns in most of the fifty states.  We average about six audits a year, although the pace has picked up lately because of the fiscal crises that many states now face. 

Over the last few years, at least half of the auditors who have been sent out to us have been either immigrants or the children of immigrants. 

I am not talking about Mexicans either. These people are from Jamaica, Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa.

America fought the War of Independence to break away from an English government which "sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." 

Now our government imports foreign-born workers who benefit from affirmative action to displace us. 

The ideologues at the Wall Street Journal and the Cato Institute should write their typically celebratory columns about this remarkable aspect of the immigration invasion.

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