An Obama Voter Figures Out—Too Late—That Obama Won't Help The Middle Class
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From: An Obama Voter [Email him]

Re: Michelle Malkin's  The Delphi Disaster: An Economic Horror Story Obama Won't Tell 

It appears that these Delphi retirees had the kind of qualifications and subsequent jobs that President Obama continues to advocate for all Americans, i.e., college degrees, good paying jobs, etc.

President Obama continues to tell us that one of the answers to our unemployment situation is to get Americans educated, with college degrees in engineering, technology, medicine, etc.[Obama announces education help for unemployed,, May 8, 2009]

He has not advocated that we leave high school and go to work on the assembly lines to make cars. I understand the political clout that the UAW has, and these are jobs with great pay and benefits. Furthermore, the UAW workers should be considered important, no doubt about that. But how can these other Delphi people with the kinds of education and jobs that President Obama says will save our economy, be considered so insignificant?

What is the real message that our President is trying to send here?

I would like to think that our President doesn't consider engineers, secretaries, technicians, etc. to be rich "Wall Street" people, and that they should be punished for the state of the economy. However, Malkin's article seems to suggest that he is drawing the line between Main Street and Wall Street between union workers and non-union workers. 

This is a scary thought because I voted for this guy.

This isn't the kind of "change" I was expecting when I voted for him to help the middle class.
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