A Reader Shares Immigration Wisdom From A Pre-Bush Republican—Herbert Hoover!
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From: Joseph Morabito [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's blog item Hoover And The Historians

I'm an avid fan of James Fulford's articles on VDARE.COM. I think you will find interesting the following excerpt regarding immigration from a book that Herbert Hoover co-wrote in 1942:

"Another difficult phase of economic pressures to be allayed if we are to have lasting peace is the problem of elbow room for expanding and virile peoples. There is also a problem in refuge for minorities.

"The problem is, however, one which involves questions of racial identity, of cultural prejudices, spiritual unity, competitive economic standards of life, and many other difficulties. It must be approached realistically. There is no such thing as free immigration. Every self-governing nation is going to determine what sort of people it will admit through its boundaries. It will certainly continue to prevent the ingress of people mentally deficient, diseased, criminal, illiterate, or likely to become a public charge. It can hardly be expected that the Western governments will permit indiscriminate and unlimited immigration.

"This is not a matter of racial prejudice. The objection is on quite other grounds. Some of these races, notably those of Asia, are trained by a hundred generations to eat less, wear less, seek less shelter, and work longer hours than any Western race can endure. No Western standards can compete with them in their midst. Nor should nations with great unemployment be asked to support floods of unemployed from other quarters.

[The Problems of Lasting Peace, by Herbert Hoover, Page 225. VDARE.COM links added]

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