An Irish-American Reader Says Fulford's St. Patrick's Day Column Was "Uncharacteristically" Off The Mark; He Replies
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Re: James Fulford's column "Saint Patrick and San Patricio: Thoughts on Immigrants Then and Now,"

From: Ted O'Keefe [Email him]

James Fulford is uncharacteristically far off the mark. Naming a handful of Irish-American politicians who pressed for Third World immigration, or citing a few sentimental Irish lefties, hardly provides a fair representation of Irish-American activity on the issue. (Perhaps Fulford is waiting until St. George's Day to ethnically bash such WASP enablers of mass Third World immigration as Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, and the rest.)

In fact, Irish-Americans from Denis Kearney, who led the successful movement against a flood of Chinese coolies to California in the 1870s and '80s, to Pat Buchanan, have been in the forefront of the fight against mass Third World immigration since it became an issue.

After all, with a handful of exceptions, the Irish who came to America have been loyal to it (though nearly as prey to the mental and moral decay of liberalism as other American whites) and, no less than the Know Nothings, have had their own cultural and economic interests to defend.

James Fulford writes: Thanks to Ted O'Keefe for saying that I am "uncharacteristically" off the mark.  My St. Patrick's Day column has generated a lot of email, and no death threats so far. I have in fact written about Dennis Kearney, [Labor Day Lament: Where Have You Gone, Samuel Gompers, Dennis Kearney, Cesar Chavez, A. Philip Randolph?] and Peter Brimelow mentioned him in Alien Nation" 'His —probably mythical—slogan: 'Americay for Americans, Begorrah!'"

I covered the Chinese cheap labor of the nineteenth century here, and here I quoted G. K. Chesterton to the effect that "In my own jog-trot journalistic existence, I have generally tried to keep this balance, and to distribute abuse and vituperation in such elegant and well chosen proportions, that no nobody can be offended or feel that he has been left out of the fun."

There is a lot of room for a column on WASP immigration enablers, and I am not opposed to all Irish immigration, or all Irishmen. However, on St. Patrick's Day, you can, as I showed, find too much enthusiasm for it, and it's our job at to provide the "rest of the story".

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