An Indiana Reader Tells An Indianapolis Star Reporter She Manipulates Data To Hide Illegal Immigration Facts
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From:  Karen McDonald [email her]

Re: U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey

Star reporter Karen Eschbacher wrote a purposely-manipulative story about recent Indianapolis census data. [More Foreign-Born Calling Indy Home, Karen Eschbacher, Indianapolis Star, August 15,2006; e-mail her here].

I sent Eschbacher this letter pointing out that she omitted the key point that most " foreign-born" are in Indianapolis illegally:

"Your ethics are disappointing in that you deliberately misled people in your reporting.  If you had done your job professionally, you would have included information as to how many of the Indianapolis area's 'foreign-born' population were here legally. 

Your story is not credible and therefore gives the Star a bad name.  As a young college student I took every writing class I could manage to fit into my healthcare program. Your method of deceitful writing was not taught; a true journalist and newspaper reports all sides of a story, otherwise you are manipulating.

Legal immigrants are welcome and part of the melting pot of our nation, but this can only happen if the percentages of legal immigrants are spread out among various overseas countries and do not come mostly from Mexico and Central America."

McDonald is a former flower shop owner who has returned to college full-time to become a registered nurse. 

Joe Guzzardi writes: No reply received up to the time we posted this. Typically, reporters do not reply to critical letters except for the possible wise-ass remark like "Maybe we can agree next time." Once for fun, I wrote glowing comments to reporters; they replied immediately.

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