An Indian Immigrant Says Israel, Not Mexico, Invented Dual Citizenship
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A Peruvian Immigrant Supports Immigration Reform

Re: Indian Diaspora, by James Fulford

An Indian-American reader writes from San Diego:

I read Indian Diaspora, by James Fulford and it generally reflects my thinking too. However, in the interest of better understanding, I thought I would clarify some issues. Firstly, the so called PIO card is just a replacement for a visa. Its main advantage is being able to go to India quickly (without visa delay). But, due to its expense, even this program has become a dud.

Secondly, the stories you read do not reflect the views of the majority of India-origin Americans, who have no interest in "dual citizenship". Not only it is absurd - being nonresident and nonvoting negates the essence of citizenship - it is also completely useless. I cannot imagine one advantage it offers. I can predict and almost guarantee that it will be a flop like the PIO scheme. It is someone's idea to promote investments etc

Thirdly, this "diaspora" thing is a poor copy cat of the Israeli-American model. So, if anyone has to blamed for starting this trend it should be Israel and not Mexico. I think Mexico's Fox was also inspired by the Israel model. (My comments on Israel are strictly about dual citizenship. Otherwise, I consider Israel and Israelis a very friendly country & people.)

And lastly, in reference to your comment on Gujarat riots etc., after September 11, to say that we are not at war with militant Islam and its sympathizers would be a lie. Please see Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations".  Sadly, what happened in Gujarat (and keeps happening once in a while), is local variant of 9/11.

Also, talking about "Diasporas", you may find this interesting:  " A world of exiles," The Economist

January 17, 2003

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