A Patriot Immigration Lawyer Comments On The Steenkamp Case
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An Indian Immigrant Says Israel, Not Mexico, Invented Dual Citizenship

If the friends of the Steenkamps [the white South African farm family threatened with deportation from U.S.] can handle it, there are years of appeals that can be taken at relatively low cost.  Apparently they have been turned down by the local immigration judge, but there are many more steps that can be taken including going to federal court with a petition for review.  The filing fee is not large and the paperwork can be done in a very skimpy way, initially.  And don't forget, the first woman given refugee status in the US for clitoris abuse was denied for the first few levels of review. Ditto for gays fearing their home country in general.

It may be that the Steenkamps' "fear of returning to their home country and approaching its borders" may need to be recast in completely non- economic terms and documented with serious evidence of their personal fears about living in South Africa along with evidence that the government will not protect them from local anti-white militias, etc.  Asylum has been broadly expanded in the last 12 years. The Steenkamp case needs to be reshaped to conform to the sex organ abuse cases and the gay cases.

Another angle - move north to Canada and apply there!

It is true that INS under the dreadful Doris Meissner was a Bolsheviki nightmare.  They definitely hated European Americans, European Africans, European Europeans, European Asians, and European Latinos.  And, of course, that is another story.

January 18, 2003

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