An Illinois Reader Reports "Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed Is Back In Texas
August 04, 2016, 08:27 PM
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From: Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

"Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed is back in Texas. Yay! We were short on fame seeking Muslims for a minute or two. He is very busy doing interviews since his return. The Washington Post covered a story two days ago.[ A year ago, Ahmed Mohamed became ‘Clock Boy.’ Now, he can’t escape that moment, By Jessica Contrera August 2, 2016] His dad, who also attempts to run for president of their native Sudan regularly, is also back.

The father really likes to jump in the interviews. He even jokes about the 15 minutes of fame clock boy received by saying the only 15 he cares about is “15 million." Besides meeting US president Obama, Ahmed visited Sudan's president who is just as famous as Clock Boy now for being an international fugitive for genocide! Clock Boy said it would have been rude not to accept his invite.

The family was given a free ride in Qatar but came back just in time to follow up with the NAACP on their lawsuit of $15 million. This lawsuit is for violating little Ahmed's civil rights. The story in the Post even questions if he was picked on because he was Muslim or, yes, Black? Which is funny since only 14% of his school is white and Irving, Texas is considered extremely diverse with thousands of Muslims.  But  it's still Whitey's fault. His older sister is apparently also a famous alum of Ahmed's school. She was suspended in 2009…for threatening to blow up the school.

Welcome Back!

See earlier letters from the same reader. Note: If you've forgotten what caused the racist Texas police and education bureaucracy to think that a Sudanese teenager had brought a bomb to school, see “Cool Clock, Ahmed”–No, It’s A Mockup Of A Briefcase Bomb.

Ahmed Mohamed's thing:


What a briefcase bomb looks like:


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