An Illinois Democrat Says Harry Reid Has A New Political Style—He Refuses To Say What's On His Mind
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From: Lee Small (e-mail him)

Depending on their audience, most politicians may say one thing one day but then something completely different the next day.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has developed a new technique. Reid refuses to say what he thinks about the most important Congressional legislation currently under debate.

About health care, Reid said to a group of reporters:

"It would be really premature for me to lay out for each of you what I think should be in this bill. What I think should be in the bill is something that I will vote according to my conscience when it gets on the floor." [Reid's Secrecy on Health Care Reform Provokes Admiration, Frustration, by Lisa Marscano, Las Vegas Sun, July 29, 2009]

Maybe to help save his political future Reid should take the same vague position on amnesty for illegal aliens, an issue that is at least as important to Nevada residents as health care. 

Reid's often-stated stance that "comprehensive immigration reform" will pass this year will come back to haunt him in 2010.

Small's previous letter calling for Reid's removal is here.

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