An Idaho Reader Says "If Only…"
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10/30/08 - A Massachusetts Mother Whose Son Died Tragically in Mexico Makes A Plea

From: Pete Brittain (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Mexico Meltdown Approaches Warp Speed

While flying across Australia years ago, I got into a discussion with an Aussie regarding international politics.

He asked me two questions: " Why do you let all those bloody Mexicans into your country?" and  "Why did Jimmy Carter give the Panama Canal to the bloody Panamanians?"

Stumped for answers, I replied with a query of my own: "Do you know one of the greatest features about Australia?"

Then I answered my question: "Australia is completely surrounded by shark-infested waters."

If only the United States had those that wonderful blessing instead of the porous border that we share with Mexico.

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