A Massachusetts Mother Whose Son Died Tragically in Mexico Makes A Plea
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From: Maureen Webster (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Mexico Meltdown Approaches Warp Speed

I just read Walker's horrifying article.

Since the tragic death of my 22-year-old son Nolan in Cancun last year, I have made it my priority to educate people about the many unknown dangers of traveling to Mexico. 

Basically, I refer to my campaign as "what the travel industry doesn't tell you."

To that end, I have formed the "Mexico Vacation Awareness Organization" and created a website. Nolan's tragic story, as well as the unhappy stories of others who unsuspectingly vacationed in Mexico, is on my site.

I've dedicated myself to providing information to tourists that I wish I had access to two years ago when I suggested to Nolan that he visit Mexico to celebrate his University of Massachusetts graduation.

Please spread the word about my website among your readers.

Watch the KCBV-TV video describing how Webster's son died here.

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