An AZ Reader Says Recruiting Foreign-Born Tennis Players Hurt His Son's Scholarship Chances
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From: Tad Lindstrom (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Another Thing American Kids Can't Do—Play Tennis

I am the publisher of Sun Tennis Magazine.

Guzzardi's column on college tennis and the abuse of some universities recruitment of foreign-born players is a great journalism job on an important subject.

The issue of foreign-born players on U. S. college tennis teams hits home to a lot of us. We are parents of a nationally highly-ranked 19-year-old boy who got only one offer of a partial scholarship. It would cost him $25,000 more per year to be the university's number one player. Instead, he has chosen to go to community college just so he can play tennis.

The 4.5 scholarships limit for men's tennis imposed by the NCAA is discriminatory and contradictory to Title IX.  We are doing some articles on this subject in our upcoming issues.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Foreign-born players remain a major topic at this year's U.S. Open. USA Network commentators Ted Robinson and Tracy Austin remarked about the achievements of John Isner, a player at the University of Georgia ranked #839 in the world who reached into the third round before losing the world's #1 player Roger Federer. Robinson and Austin agreed that it was unusual for an American to be on a major university's tennis team

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