An Australian Reader Reports African Athletes "Defecting" (I. E. Illegally Immigrating) At The Commonwealth Games
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From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

The African athletes competing in Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia, for the 21st Commonwealth Games (the Olympics for the old British Empire countries) may have underwhelmed sportswise (winning just 5% of the gold medals on offer, compared to Australia alone scooping one third of them) but they look set to score gold in the illegal alien immigration event.

Eight athletes (five boxers and three weightlifters) from Cameroon’s 24-member team have upped their digs in the Games Village and melted into the warm Australian night [Commonwealth Games athletes 'seeking advice' from migration agent about staying in Australia, By Tom Forbes, ABC, April 12, 2018].  The Cameroon team press attaché, resignedly referring to precedent (seven Cameroonian athletes skedaddled during the 2012 Olympics in London) said that he “doesn’t think they’ll come back”.

The current Cameroonian absconders have since been joined by five more Africans from Rwanda, Uganda and Sierra Leone, whilst one Australian “migration agent” (more accurately, a Fifth Columnist for illegal immigrants) told ABC radio that he had spoken to at least forty African athletes about staying on in Australia.

This latest episode of illegal immigration from major international sports carnivals is depressingly familiar for the Western host countries—more than a hundred athletes skedaddled after the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and 45 vamoosed from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.

The would-be asylum-seekers’ aim is to blend into the underground “black economy” or to scam a “refugee” ticket to Australia’s bounty.  Any refugees’ claims of persecution are likely to be fake—they had been selected for the national honor of representing their country, whilst boxers and weightlifters would not be the first choice as victims for a spot of physical intimidation.  Would you care to tangle with any of this lot?

The Cameroon athletes missing from the Commonwealth Games Village on Queensland's Gold Coast. (LtoR, top row to bottom row): Fotsala Simplice, Fokou Arsene, Ndzie Tchoyi Christian, Yombo Ulrich, Ndiang Christelle, Minkoumba Petit David, Fouodji Arcangeline Sonkbou and Matam Matam Olivier Heracles.

Neither do the illegal immigrants promise to do the ‘jobs that Australians won’t do’—we are fine for homegrown boxers and weightlifters.  These are not the athletes, or people, Australia needs or wants.

Phil Shannon is a veteran working class socialist and sympathizer.

James Fulford writes: During the Cold War, you would see white athletes from countries occupied by the Soviet Union defecting to escape Communism. This is different—Cameroon is occupied by Cameroonians, who run the place themselves. These people are just trying to take advantage of Australia's advanced society.


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