An Arizona Reader Translates Bush On Immigration
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09/13/06 - A California Reader Reports Income Disparity Greater in U.S. Than Mexico

From:  L. Long

I'd like to complete Bush's incomplete statements about immigration.

My comments are in parenthesis.

  • "Family values don't stop at the border." [here] (The tens of thousands of illegal aliens overcrowding our prisons still love their mothers.)

  • "I want 'comprehensive' immigration reform." [ here] (My amnesty plan isn't playing too well so I've renamed it.)

  • They are only trying "to feed their families." [here] (By sending billions of American dollars to Mexico.)

  • I'm "protecting the American people" by fighting in Iraq. [here] (But I'm not interested in protecting them not from diseases brought across the U.S.-Mexico border.)

Long is a Korean War veteran. His previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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