An Arizona Reader Thinks Barack Obama's Tin Ear Will Lead To Local Democrats Defeat
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From: John Napier (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: On Immigration, Obama Moves Further Left

If Obama proceeds with his ill-advised law suit against Arizona and its S.B. 1070, he'll be in for more negative publicity that he can imagine.

Not only do Republican Senators John Kyl and John McCain oppose Obama's proposed suit so do Democratic U.S. House representatives Harry Mitchelll, Gabrielle Giffords and Ann Kirpatrick.

Here's what Mitchell wrote to Obama:

"I believe your administration's time, efforts and resources would be much better spent securing the border and fixing our broken immigration system. Arizonans are tired of the grandstanding, and tired of waiting for help from Washington. … [A] law suit won't solve the problem. It won't secure the border, and it won't fix our broken immigration system." [Arizona Democrats Urge Obama Not to Sue over Controversial Immigration Law, by Sean Miller, The Hill, June 23, 2010]

Mitchell may have a different definition of what it means to "fix our broken immigration system" than VDARE.COM readers do. But it's clear that since 70 percent of Arizonans favor S.B. 1070, Mitchell equates an Obama law suit with defeat in his November re-election bid.

Napier's previous letter about S.B. 1070 is here.

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