An Anonymous Reader on Pat Buchanan, Bill O’Reilly, and New Blacklister Cathy Areu
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

The O'Reilly Factor recently included a segment on whether MSNBC was right to fire Pat Buchanan for statements in his latest book critical of multiculturalism.  Arguing the "pro" position (yes, it was right to fire him) was a journalist named Cathy Areu.  (Pictured right.)As soon as O'Reilly gave Areu the chance to speak, she declared that Buchanan had revealed himself to be a "white supremacist" and certainly should have no place in public discourse.  While she was speaking, an on-screen caption appeared at the bottom left identifying the speaker.  It read as follows:  "Cathy Areu, Author Latino Wisdom’”.  Whether O'Reilly was aware of the brazen hypocrisy on display, I don't know. 

But I doubt I was the only one to pick up on the absolute absurdity of an advocate for Hispanic interests arguing that any defense of traditional American culture is "White supremacist".  How many times must we watch explicit representatives and advocates of various ethnicities and races decry any iota of White/European identity without the slightest indication of awareness by the media that a blatant double standard is at play?

Although O'Reilly did not call Areu out on her racial hypocrisy, he did pick apart her argument with a dose of common sense: He pointed out that (1) Buchanan has been saying similar things for years and (2) opining that mass immigration from Third World countries without assimilation is detrimental to the social cohesiveness of the United States as a country—which is essentially what Buchanan argues—is a far cry from "White supremacy."

The back cover of Areu's "Latino Wisdom" (how magnanimous of her to imply in the title that Hispanic men (“Latinos) also have something to offer as well as “Wise Latinas!”) states that "Latinos have a history of risk taking" and describes Areu as "the publisher of CATALINA magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Latina Leaders."  Thank God we have brave "'risk taking" people like Areu to lecture us on how racial solidarity is an unmitigated evil .... when done by white people.

James Fulford writes: Cathy Areu [Email her] as you can see by her Wikipedia picture, is herself extremely white woman. That’s because she’s a Cuban-American, and Cuban immigrants, for all that they qualify for affirmative action and preferences as Hispanic, are in fact very white, because they’re Spanish, rather than “Hispanic.” See the picture of Marco Rubio here.

In spite of that, Areu has not assimilated to America, as represented by people like Buchanan, but to the new Hispanic ethnic group in America. Buchanan was right…from the beginning.

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