A Reader Comments On Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s Choice Of Vacation Homes
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item: Not Just Breyer—Three (!) Supreme Court Justices Attacked By Men Of No Particular Color

From: George [Email him]

Breyer is one of the gun control freaks at the Supreme Court. I wonder if he'll add machetes to his no-weapons agenda? St. Kitt-Nevis is the most violent of the violent Caribbean Islands. More murders there per capita last year than on any of the others, but not by much. The Judge owns a home on St.Kitt-Nevis valued at a couple hundred thousand.

James Fulford writes: I knew that St. Kitts was tiny, but I was surprised at the rate of violence there—Lawrence Auster calls it “in the most violent nation per capita on earth.” Meanwhile, I notice, via Kathy Shaidle,  that Clarence Thomas spends his vacations in  touring America in an RV, and parking it in the Wal-Mart parking lots of 27 American states. [On the Road Again, With Clarence and Ginny, By Ashby Jones, August 5, 2009]

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