An Angry Reader Says We Are – Well, He's Angry.
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A Reasonable Reader Worries About Nordicism

FROM: A Reader writing under what we hope is the false name of "Barnabas Collins" (the 175-year-old vampire from the 60's show,  Dark Shadows) [email protected]:

You are a selfish and coldhearted bastard.

That's right, so called "civilized" world, build your castle walls high to keep out the undesirables, the undesirables who do work the so-called "civilized" are unwilling to do. That's right, use up their resources, give them the weapons that fuel their conflicts, and then blame them when they try to run to a better life. Have you ever tried to immigrate anywhere? Only if you know what people go through, do you have the right to complain about "illegal immigrants" because this country has quotas, and it's a fact, people from certain nations are just not welcome, as is the trend of most so called "civilized" and "democratic" nations. Keep in mind also that YOUR forefathers didn't exactly come to possess this land by peaceful or legal means. But I guess you can ignore that and write that off as "liberal propaganda." Read your own history, sir. And in regards to the Long Island situation you mentioned in your article: Are you going to tell me that it is okay for people to go around and murder illegal immigrants? Nobody liked Italians very much not even a hundred years ago. [VDARE note: See Michael Barone's piece in The American Enterprise for a description of the hundred-year process of Americanizing Italians.]

You are an a**hole, and so are your facist (sic) friends. Try to get some love in your hearts, and I hope you don't call yourself "Christian".

Peter Brimelow comments: This is a first—a hostile who apparently thinks only immigrants should talk about immigration. Usually I'm told the direct opposite—that, as an immigrant, I don't have a right to criticize.

February 24, 2002

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