:  An American Monarchist (!) Deplores PC Among U.K. Tories
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From:  Theodore Harvey 

I'm a frequent reader of VDARE (not a right-winger in general, but
sympathetic to your issues), and I'm surprised that as far as I can tell
VDARE has not yet commented on the recent controversy in Britain over Conservative MP John Townend's remarks involving immigration to the UK. 
This is apparently quite a big deal over there, and I would be curious to read what VDARE's contributors have to say about it.  I understand that your focus is the US, but the British Tories' current difficulties would seem to have a lot to do with VDARE's concerns.

P.S. I read "Alien Nation" and found it very convincing.

VDARE replies: So many targets, so little time...

May 03, 2001

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