An American Doctor Comments On Mexico's "Claim" To The Southwest
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FROM: Dr. Herbert Chen (e-mail him)

Re: An Upstate New York Reader Adds That Mexicans Want "Reconquista" On Lands They Never Conquered In The First Place (The Seventh Cavalry Had To Do It)

The Southwest was never of value until the Colorado River was dammed and irrigation was brought to Arizona and California. There were no people living there other than the Indians including the Hopi and others. The Indians as the original "owners" of the land came with the land to the US.

I doubt any of the Indian tribes would vote for Reconquista as opposed to staying right where they are in the US.

The Aztecs were never far enough north to ever get close to the present day US border.

Chen wrote previous letters urging the federal government not to invite the entire world to America, about Henry Louis Gates' racism, and about the lies and deception of Obamacare.

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