A Hispanic Reader Wants Us To Drop Our "Nonsensical Obsession" With Arizona And Concentrate On His "Emotional Issue "In New York
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08/20/10 - An American Doctor Comments On Mexico's "Claim" To The Southwest

FROM: Gabriel Rocha (e-mail him)

Re: Coverage of SB1070 Generally

Hello again, VDARE.com nutjobs:

Here's an idea: Why don't you put on hold your nonsensical obsession with the Arizona immigration debate and opine instead on the outrageous and unfathomable issue currently taking over every radio and TV talk show in the country? Of course I am referring to Muslims wanting to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero in New York City.

Intellectually, President Obama is probably right. Muslims are entitled to the same constitutional right as any other religious group in this country... to meet and worship whenever and wherever they decide. But this is an emotional issue, and 70% of Americans are outraged and deeply offended by Washington's position on this.

Could VDARE please comment on this and drop the Arizona law BS for a while?

Come on, Brimelow... bring it on!

Previously Mr. Rocha wrote to say that we at VDARE.com are racists, and should learn Spanish, and said that S.B. 1070 was "B.S." and VDARE.COM is "dumb and naïve." (There's no pleasing some people.

James Fulford Replies: Since Mr. Rocha emailed us,  we have done coverage of the Mosque issue courtesy of our syndicated columnists, in the blog, and even in a Today's Letter from Hugh McInnish. There's not much need, however, for VDARE.com's unique coverage of an issue that the mainstream conservative press is airing on "every radio and TV talk show in the country."  What you won't hear on Rush Limbaugh is that in the long run, Mexicans constitute more of a threat to American than Muslims, (demographics and Reconquista)and, one way or another,  have probably killed more Americans since September 11, 2001 than Muslims have.

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