An American Defense Worker Writes On The H1-b Foreignization Of The Military-Industrial Complex
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Re: Federale's article Now The $Lave Power Wants To Hand U.S. Defense Jobs To Low-Cost Foreigners

From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

Excellent article about the H1-b foreignization of the Military-Industrial Complex is surprisingly widespread. Full disclosure, I've worked in some way for the Military-Industrial Complex since I was a very young man.

The situation is really an outrage. On one project I saw a major defense contractor deliberately eliminate its older white workforce and replace them with Indian H1b types. They went so far as to replace the black janitorial staff with Hispanic Illegals.

The defense industry has the appearance of great strength, they have lobbyists, donate to both parties, and make a point to have some aspect of major programs in each congressional district. Nonetheless the Military-Industrial Complex has feet of clay.

Here is what to do to resist H1-b workers replacing Americans in that field.

1. Contact your congressman, tell them what project you are working on and what exactly they are doing. All military projects are boondoggles and all Congressmen know this. Despite public perception, many Congressmen and their staffers genuinely care about such issues. Someone will look into it and whoever was hired under less than legal circumstances will get the boot. It won't create an overnight utopia but every little bit helps. I've personally done this.

2. Contact one of the Civil Servants that populate and manages the industry. There is a sort of GOP boiler plate nonsense that has come about since the Reagan Era which paints government civil servants as black-hearted monsters. This author suspects that such is Plutocratic dog whistling to the masses against anti-white "Civil Rights" policies, but is carried out in real terms by eliminating oversight of Capitalist malfeasance-such as Tyson Chicken Farms polluting the Chesapeake Bay. Most of those Civil Servants are veterans-combat veterans even. Do you really think they don't get the irony whereby Scots-Irish electricians whose resting fathers picked off British Officers with longrifles during the Revolution are escorted like threats in a secure facility, while Charley Chinaman working for Really Big XYZ Defense Corporation is freely making copies on the copier?

3. Know how to contact the security officials, especially the ones that deal with espionage. On the one hand Government policy allows for H1-b Visas, on the other hand the same Government lives in terror of secrets being stolen. If you see something, say something.

4. Spread the news far and wide whenever there is a breach involving an H1-b worker. The public will get the message.

I don't wish to beguile anyone that there will be overnight change in this or any other industry, but great landslides start with the motion of tiny pebbles. To not resist and to keep silent is to aid in the propagation of evil.

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