A Reader Points To FWD.us (Zuckerberg) Anti-White Lies About Support For Amnesty
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From:  Mark Hunter [Email him]

From the article Silicon Valley Billionaires Find Immigration Reform a Dilemma, by Sandy Fitzgerald, NewsMax, March 28, 2014

My comments are in brackets.

 “Nearly a year ago, Facebook Inc. founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined forces with lobbyist Joe Green to co-found FWD.us, a pro-immigration advocacy super PAC that has been lobbying lawmakers to reform immigration standards ...

“... Green said he knows the ‘politics are difficult’ even though there is an overwhelming support for immigration reform. [By “reform” he means “open immigration”.]

“Eighty percent of Americans support reform, maintained Green [as he lied through his teeth], while the ‘20 percent of Americans who are anti-immigration are really, really loud about it. You have a lot of Republicans in gerrymandered districts that are 90 percent white.’ he said.”

The meaning of the last part is so malevolent it might not register at first. Green knows that most whites are anti-immigration and he disparages them as “loud”.  He and his backers are working to undermine them as a political force, and that is their intention. They know what they’re doing.

Whether or not the Republican Party really opposes them is another question.

Mark Hunter runs  ARI  Watch which keeps an eye on the Ayn Rand Institute.

James Fulford writes: When he talks about “Republicans in gerrymandered districts that are 90 percent white”, it’s not their fault they’re gerrymandered. Gerrymandering under current law is designed to produce “majority-minority districts.” The districts left over are, in fact, frequently quite white, but the intention is to force the election of minority candidates.

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