An American Defense Worker Remembers Lawrence Auster's Comments On The Problems Of "Organizing" The Black Community—And Why There Are Riots
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From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

This Baltimore rioting reminds me of the late Lawrence Auster and his excellent 1995 essay, The Evolution of One Person’s Views on Racial Differences in Intelligence

A key passage:

While there are many decent, upright black people, there is a notable failure on the part of blacks effectively to resist the bad people in their communities. The result is that the bad people—the orators, the hustlers, the corrupt, the despots—always seem to rise to the top. That is why black countries, and black-run cities in America, are the way they are. There are good people living in those places, but for the most part they are only good in their private, familial sphere. They are not actively good in the social and political sense and thus rarely take leadership or succeed in creating a civilized political order. The number of morally courageous and principled blacks who actively resist the corruption and racialist conformism around them is very limited; in fact, such upright and intelligent blacks often separate themselves from the black community when they recognize how unwelcome they are in it.[Read the whole thing]
Essentially, the I Have a Dream ideas of the Civil Rights era are now dead.  Whites have done everything in good faith, affirmative action, welfare payments, Head Start, the Voting Rights Act, electing a black president, racial reconciliation programs in religious groups, etc. and yet there are still problems.  It is time to think differently about the race problem.


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