An American Computer Scientist Explains Why He's Pumping Gas In Norway
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06/13/06 - An Indian Reader Says Beware The Partition Of America

From:  [Name Withheld]

I am a US citizen with a university degree in Computer Science. I left America for Norway in April 2006 to find work at a living wage.

I grew up in Norway. But I returned to the US with the intentions of working in my field and settling down. I met someone in California and, with professional positions unavailable, we moved to Wisconsin to open a small store.

But I needed extra income to make ends meet. Because of the numbers of illegal aliens I competed with for employment, I couldn't find a job. Those few that were offered paid between $7 and $10 an hour.

Knowing that Norway has a booming oil economy and a higher pay scale, I went back this spring.

Right now I am working as a gas station attendant receiving $20 dollars an hour.

At this rate, my yearly income could be around $40K assuming I work steadily. But I still restrict my expenses to only food and rent so I can save money and pay down my credit card debt.

I'm looking for permanent employment in America that matches my education.

The Democrat and Republican elites are truly the people's enemy.

Employers prefer slave labor in the form of illegal aliens or non-immigrant visa holders serving as indentured guest workers to break the back of the middle class. Our rights as citizens have been turned against us.

In today's labor market, being a US citizen is a liability.

"Name Withheld" adds: VDARE.COM is a driving force in waking up the American people to the choices it has in upcoming November elections. We need Congressmen who represent American interests and not corporations using the US as a feeding ground until they move onto they find more fertile opportunities to exploit workers.

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