An American Business Owner Says Illegal Workers Are Bad For Employers And Workers Both
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Re: A Texas Reader Says That Indoctrinated College Kids Are Suffering, But Don't Want To Hear That Immigration Causes It

From: An American Business Owner[Send Her Mail]

Thank you for the page. I enjoyed reading the letter on college students who do not understand the full impact of illegal immigration.

Having owned a business, in the construction industry, I have seen some of the impact of immigration directly.

My ancestors were from Ireland, and I appreciate the fact that they were able to come here, buy land, work, and prosper. They weren’t allowed to come without being documented.

They also were not given special privileges for work or education. While books on economics will show immigration can boost an economy, I doubt those models encouraging immigration were considering the style of immigration we have today—immigration that is undocumented, illegal, allowed- but punishable at times, and completely uncontrolled.

This type of immigration allows for the illegal immigrant to give incentives to employers by offering their work cheaply, undercutting the average wages. Illegal immigrants are a risk for the employer carrying possibilities of fines or imprisonment when hired.

If the playing field were leveled, and these workers had to be paid the same as the average, (paid according to their ability), and if they had a right to go to a labor board if they were not paid for their work, it would at least stop the wages of Americans from being cut over and over again.

The Federal government simply refuses to do their job. If the Federal Government will not keep them from coming, we have to find a way to level the playing field for those who employ legal workers. There should also be an official language required for work places. Safety is at peril when people cannot understand each other.

When these college students begin their own companies, they will see that staying competitive legally can be difficult. They will either begin to hire illegals, or begin the task of trying to sell the works of legal employees at a higher rate than other companies which provide the same service cheaper.

The tax money charged to continue to support the illegal immigrants becomes more of a burden every day. What the employer doesn’t pay in wages, they and other legal workers will pay in taxes, to continue to support not only the illegal worker, but all their non-working family members as well. All at the same time that they can charge less and less for their services due to the constant influx of “cheaper” labor.

While I have told you nothing new, I wanted to write it down. Now I will go back to the task of trying to get a decent wage for the legal American worker, who is struggling to compete for their families dinner while their checks are being robbed to feed the illegals, the illegals’ families here and elsewhere, and still support the system in America for rewarding millions who do not work- some by choice, others by no fault of their own. God bless America—hopefully with better leadership.

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