A Louisiana Reader Says Mexico's Train Of Death Is Back In Action, With Predictable Results
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From: Louisiana Reader [Email him]

Along the railroad tracks used by Mexico's Train of Death, you find shelters created to feed and house Central American immigrants as they make their way north. These shelters, mostly run by the Catholic Church, provide a refuge for the illegals—a safe place where Mexican immigration laws don't apply. Sound familiar? Yes, they're little sanctuary cities.

Last month the train was shut down due to damage from a hurricane. The ensuing backlog of illegals from Central America caused some social turmoil in Mexico, as I reported in a recent letter.

Well, the Train of Death is up and running again.Unsafe At Any Speed

La Bestia" vuelve a la "carga" tras descarrilamiento, (editorial)El Universal, July 20, 2012

 (headline translation) "'The Beast' is 'loaded' again after accident. In its first trip after service was suspended, the train ran over a Honduran man, about 40 years old, who fell from one of the cars."

The article notes the train was loaded (on the roof and sides) with about 500 Central Americans ... and the Honduran died.

The Mexican government, along with the Catholic Church, is working feverishly to re-open a Central American immigrant shelter closed last week. The shelter, located north of Mexico City, was closed when locals got fed up with the assaults, robberies and drug abuse in and around the shelter.

Thursday, the Mexican government formally thanked the Catholic Church for providing safe haven to Central American immigrants as they pass through Mexico on route to their American Dream.

Gustavo Mohar, the Undersecretary for Immigration in Mexico's Interior Minister's office, stated (my translation)

"'I want to thank the Church for the assistance they've provided to the immigrants in various shelters, especially in difficult times.'" Moreover, he was grateful, "the immigrant community in Mexico, mainly Central Americans, can enjoy a rest on their way to their final destination." [ Reconoce Segob a Iglesia por apoyo a migrantes, El Universal, by Ariadna Garcia, July 19, 2012]

 (headline translated) "Support given to migrants by the Church recognized by Interior Minister's office. Undersecretary Gustavo Mohar emphasized the recent situation with the shelter in Tultitlán, closed due to neighborhood pressure."

It was also reported that Sr. Mohar stated,

"We’re working 24/7 (to re-open the shelter) because, as you know, the number of Central Americans arriving is large and growing." [Trabajan para abrir nueva Casa del Migrante, aztecanoticias.com.mx, by Anareli Palomares, July 19, 2012]

(headline translation) "Working to open new migrant shelter."

This is Mexico's admission that, when it comes to Central American illegals heading to the U.S., it will no longer enforce its immigration laws. It's easier than trying to deport them. Deportation involves law enforcement, something corrupt Mexico isn't good at. Easier to let them go through, with the Catholic Church paying the room and board.

We've always known that Mexico encourages its undesirables to head north to work as illegals. Now we see Mexico (and the Catholic Church) offer the same encouragement to Central Americans and other foreign nationals.

“Louisiana Reader” visits the Rio Grande area two or three times a year. See previous letters from him here.

James Fulford writes: The people Mexicans and Open Borders activist annoyingly refer to as migrants/migrantes are usually what we call immigrants, although from the point of view of Mexico, they’re emigrants. But I’ve used “migrant” throughout here, since from the point of view of Mexico, these people are migrants, they’re just passing through.

I wonder when the Mexican Government will realize that these Central American illegals displace Mexican illegals, rather than Americans,  from their jobs.

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