An Alaskan Reader Reports Being Flashed At A Trump Protest
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Re: “Leaving My Trump Shirt On Was A Mistake.” A VDARE.Com Reader Reports From Costa Mesa (2)

From: Ryan Kennedy [Email him]

Apropos of nothing, but re-reading my account of the Trump rally I attended in Costa Mesa there was one thing I didn't mention.

When the leftist throng showed up, a certain faction of females took their shirts off and flaunted their breasts. It seemed to me they were trying to shock the Trump crowd's bourgeoisie values.

This didn't work out for them. Certain factions of the Trump camp (i. e.  young men) hooted and hollered and cat-called and whistled. The feminist agent-provocateurs realized they were giving these guys a free show and covered themselves up.

I thought it was funny.

Ryan Kennedy has been writing us letter from Alaska for at least ten years

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