An Alaskan Reader Notes The Consequences Of Failure To Deport Unlicensed Illegal Alien Drivers
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Re: A Minnesota Reader Reports A Vehicular Homicide By An Unlicensed Driver—Who Is “Undocumented” As Well

From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

In the latest letter to the reader wrote, "These stupid illegals will continue to kill us, and we will continue to let them!"

In the cited article it turns out that the teen killed was not likely an American:

"Others said [Clarisse] Grime was an upbeat, bright girl who spoke four languages and taught her friends to dance. Born in Ethiopia, she grew up in Italy and immigrated 2 1/2 years ago to the United States." Unlicensed driver charged in death of teen hit outside St. Paul school, by Joy Powell,  [email her] July 6, 2012

Since her name is different from  that of  either of her parents, I would guess she is from a previous marriage to her mother.  I'd guess her biological father was American and mother Ethiopian.  It says she grew up in Italy, no doubt because Italy used to rule Abyssinia as a colony and like a lot of former colonial powers, has a immigration preference from many of its former colonies and since the father was likely American, had a preference to come here.

That doesn’t make it any less of a tragedy, of course. I guess my point is, the reader jumps to conclusions about the victim's nationality, but the main point is well taken—failure to deport  illegals from alcoholic-prone populations (e.g. Mexicans) is leading to these kinds of tragedies.

See previous letters from Ryan Kennedy.

James Fulford writes: As usual, the media did a better job of reporting the victim’s immigration status than they did reporting that of the accused.  We frequently see headlines where the victim’s immigration status is trumpeted, and the accused is called a local “resident.

But the probability that an unlicensed Mexican driver will kill someone is high—many unlicensed illegal never formally learned how to drive, even in Mexico where standards are much lower.

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