An Alaskan Reader Forwards Adam Carolla's Profane Protest Against The War On Christmas
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From: Ryan Kennedy [Email him]

For those of you that don't know. Adam Carolla was an FM radio shock-jock who has adapted with the times and now runs a VERY popular podcast. Although mostly comedic and non-political, he does dabble in social and political commentary in his pod-casts and has been a guest on some conservative shows like Dennis Miller, Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Prager.

His economics tend to be libertarian but his social outlook is traditional on many issues. I think readers will appreciate his views on the national question and in this case, his views on the war on Christmas:

(Warning: language may land you on Santa's naughty list.)

Ryan Kennedy has been writing us letters from Alaska for at least ten years.

James Fulford writes: Adam Carolla comes by his political incorrectness and profane language honestly—he's an  American former construction worker.

He supported Trump and predicted Trump would win the Presidency on his radio  2008.

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