An Alaska Reader Explains How Sarah Palin Can "Exact Her Revenge" On The GOP
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From: Tom Sullivan (e-mail him)

In these parts, rumors abound that Gov. Sarah Palin will run for Senator Ted Stevens' soon to be vacated seat.[How Far Will Sarah Palin Go? by Nathan Thornburgh, Time, November 8, 2008]

Even if Stevens' prevails in his race against Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, as seems likely, Majority Leader Harry Reid has made it clear that he and his colleagues would show "zero tolerance" for a convicted felon to serve in the Senate.

Under recent rule changes, Palin can appoint herself for an interim period, then run as a candidate in a special election.

Palin would be an odds-on favorite against any opponent.

When elected, Palin could exact her revenge against the Republican Party for its very shabby treatment toward her.

She could, while remaining a Republican, vote straight down the line with the Democrats thereby taking them one step closer to the filibuster-proof majority that currently eludes them. 

This is wild speculation on my part because Palin hasn't indicated the slightest interest in going to Washington and is unlikely to hold such an intense grudge against the GOP—although I would forgive her if she did.

Sullivan lives in Nome.

James Fulford writes: It is a truth universally acknowledged in American politics that it's a political disaster to appoint yourself to anything. Furthermore, I suspect that Governor Palin would refuse to vote for most of the things Democrats vote for on principle. But I suspect that if she did get in the Senate somehow, she'd be more of a "maverick" than John McCain ever was.

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