An Alabama Reader Puts No Trust In Scott Walker
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From: Engineer in Alabama [Email him]

Re: Washington Watcher's article Is The Dam Bursting? Scott Walker Maneuvers Against LEGAL Immigration

Ah, Scott Walker and immigration.

Remember how after eight years of the contemptible Dubya, Obama came along? And he told us everything we wanted to hear? And meanwhile in secret he was promising his wealthy patrons that he didn't mean a word of it? And he got elected and… he didn't mean a word of it?

And sure, voting for Obama sent a “message” that the people wanted a change from Dubya—and Obama stabbing them in the back should have sent everyone a message that talk is cheap.

And Walker has been on the cheap labor bandwagon… and now suddenly he is for the American worker… although also promising his wealthy patrons that he doesn't mean a word of it… well?

I think that Scott Walker is a liar and a cheat and a whore. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

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