An African-American Woman Critiques VDARE.COM; Peter Brimelow replies
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September 08, 2003

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From: Tammy McCoy [email her]

I came here from the Terry Anderson Show website. Just wanted to state my view of your site.

I'm black. I didn't come to this country illegally. I'm here because my ancestors were brought here.

How do you think it makes some of us black people feel when we hear about the death of the European America? What about the death of Black America? We helped to build this country against our own will.

It seems like everyone was telling black people to stop bitching about being black and just be glad to be in America. Well, now the tables are turned. White people are bitching about being persecuted for being white.

I can't and will never know how it feels to be white – and vice versa for white Americans - but I am an American, and I see our country being under attack by mass immigrants who really don't care about this country and it sickens me.

Mass illegal immigration has to stop. It's killing this country. I am sick of people coming here sucking up our resources. Black communities are losing their way of life, schools, jobs etc. to mass immigration, so we feel the pain too.

But sometimes I feel like the people who bitch about a multicultural society are being racist. America made itself multicultural a long time ago. As long as there are black Americans, then this country will be multicultural. If you don't want to live in a multicultural society, your only option is to lease an island.

VDARE.COM is great. But I find that I don't like to come here much, and I don't tell my friends about it, because I feel there is a racist undertone.

Peter Brimelow comments: VDARE.COM quite often receives supportive email from readers who are immigrants; and also from every racial group. Black Americans are probably the rarest, despite being arguably the worst impacted by current policy. Of course, we do carry a permanent link to the great Terry Anderson.

VDARE.COM is a coalition and its different components naturally appear strange to each other. This is particularly the case with those immigration critics, like Sam Francis, who might fairly be described as white nationalists, since any expression of group interest by American whites is being hysterically repressed right now. We agree with the argument made by the black political scientist Carol M. Swain, in her book The New White Nationalism In America, that this situation is unnatural and unsustainable. We will continue to carry American white nationalists - and will also carry American black nationalist criticism of immigration when we find it.

It's significant that Tammy McCoy regards American blacks as culturally different from American whites, despite speaking the same language etc. She is no doubt right, but it raises serious questions about the viability of the neoconservative ideal of a racially diverse, culturally unified nation.

However, American whites and blacks are stuck with each other. Further divisiveness need not be imported.


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