An African American Harvard Graduate Says VDARE.COM Needs To Understand Complex Relationships Among Blacks
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From:  Braveheart (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: The Lesson From Thursday's Teachable Moment

Sailer wrote:

        "When you're falsely accused of racism, don't apologize."

But, overlooked by Sailer, when you are disrespectful to and falsely arrest a high profile citizen, and the blowback that comes from the White House threatens not only your job, but also the jobs of your backup buddies, then you lie, they lie and everyone stonewalls to cover their behinds.

Sailer's blind support of dimwits Sgt. James Crowley and his Cambridge Police Department fellow officers borders on political fanaticism.

Let me make clear that I am no Skip Gates fan.

However, if Gates says that Officer Crowley escalated the situation and wrote a false police report, then I believe him. 

Gates is the least likely Negro on the planet to accuse a white Cambridge police officer, or any police officer, of racism

For nearly a quarter of a century, Gates has lived in Cambridge.   Harvard/Cambridge is the place from which he derives his personal power.

Does Sailer think that Gates, "Mr. White Man" (what many black scholars call him), wants to make an enemy of the entire Cambridge police force?  

Gates cache is his respectability. He does not savor negative publicity.  Anything that tarnishes his image is something Gates would not welcome.

Sailer and other VDARE.COM contributors cannot distinguish between paid Judas goats like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and career-obsessed black scholars whose focus is on their next book or documentary

The former crave controversy and media attention. The latter seek their next copyright.

I want VDARE.COM to see that African Americans come in distinctly different stripes and categories. Please understand there are complex relationships among us.

If I can get your writers to understand the various dimensions on issues that involve African Americans, maybe they will create approaches that might unite us in our fight against illegal immigration.

Blacks are aware that nothing hurts African American employment opportunities across the nation more than illegal immigration.

Braveheart, Harvard EdM, has opposed illegal immigration for 30 years. About blacks and immigration reform, she says: "When black people are quiet that means they don't support the person or the issue. You don't see black people supporting those who are demanding amnesty." Other letters from and about Braveheart are here.

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