A White Oil Patch Worker Says That His Resource Boom Prosperity Is Fueled By Immigration’s Ponzi Scheme
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An Anonymous White Working Man [Email him]

I'm presently working in the North West near the oil patch which extends up to Alberta.

The growth here from resources is stunning—everywhere there are new houses going up, new cars and trucks on the roads, and a bustling trade in fast food, imported goods, and building materials.

I know that my good wages are like the timber, fur, minerals and other resource booms which came before.  It is a temporary phenomenon, or at least it should be.

I've been saying for years that growth of consumption is the discussion which never happens.   Immigration is about selling shelters, energy, food, and other consumables.  It's a Ponzi scheme which needs new blood all the time.

When I finish building homes here, I'll move on and build houses somewhere else.  This keeps a lot of white men employed and apolitical.

I detest it, but it feeds me. Even though it is keeping me fully employed, I'd rather we ended this pyramid scheme, but I don't make policy.


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