A West Texas Reader Says It's Past Time For The GOP To Realize That Immigrants WILL Vote Democratic
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Re: Ann Coulter's column Yes, Virginia, Immigration Is Turning The Country Blue

From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

The great Pat Buchanan wrote in his column posted to VDARE.com on November 9:

    "Another and perhaps insoluble problem for the GOP, not only in the Old Dominion,     is demography. Democrats rolled up their largest margins among African-Americans,     Hispanics, single women, immigrants and the young. And these voting blocs are growing."[The Virginia Electoral Bloodbath—And The Way Forward]
Let me suggest a partial solution to the GOP's problems: end immigration.

We've seen the numbers until we’re sick.

Legal immigrants vote Democrat 80% as soon as they get the vote. Immigrants worldwide are basically natural socialists. Especially the ones from Europe.

So we don't even need European immigrants. Therefore, this is not racial. It is political.

80% of all immigrants are natural Democrats.

Do you comprehend that, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

Bringing in over 1,000,000 legal immigrants every year produces over 800,000 new Democrat voters yearly like a nightmarish assembly line on some kind of obscene anti-American overdrive.

Politics as the motivation to terminate this obsolete, buggy-and-whip era practice called immigration is perfectly legitimate.

About one-half of America still votes GOP.

Why shouldn't GOP Americans make a bold move to survive, and just terminate all immigration, period, end of story?

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