A West Texas Reader Reports A Plan To De-White Houston's Remaining White Neighborhoods
October 09, 2016, 07:35 PM
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From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

A generation ago my hometown of Houston, Texas was 70% White.

Now 25.6% of Houston residents are White. (What group is a “minority” here? Oops, I noticed)

Foreign born persons comprise 28.4% of Houston. Thank you, seven amnesties, six of those under Bill Clinton.

When the attached map  arrived this past March, I pondered it in denial for months, the nausea returned every time I looked at it.

Then I opened my eyes and realized, this is a part of a plan calculated to bring about partial destruction of a racial, ethnical group. My government has targeted me, my family, and my home—for existing while White American.

The map was sent by my Congressman, who wrote that

"The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) is moving fast to build a subsidized low-income housing project at 2640 Fountain View at Westheimer, and this is the first step of a larger HHA plan to build subsidized low-income housing projects throughout our neighborhoods in west Houston....

I've enclosed a map I recently received from HHA. The neighborhoods marked in yellow are currently being targeted for subsidized low-income multifamily housing projects. This shows that HHA's plan most likely includes your neighborhood."

See the map—if Whites comprise more than 19.7% of a Zip Code then that place is targeted. Therefore, 25.6% White is too White.

Houston city government has a “housing authority” run by bad actors exploiting taxpayer funds to build subsidized (Section 8) apartment blocks in areas the city deems to be too White.

They code-talk to fabricate a plausible deniability to mask the ugly intent. “Aggregate minority concentration”, blah, blah. Let’s be real. They White-Line areas where they think Whites are too numerous. Do poor Whites get space in that subsidized housing? Doubtful.

Some eleventh hour attempts try to slow the scam, cut off taxpayer funds, etc. But such efforts fail to challenge the root anti-White motivation. Maybe the bad actors will pack the subsidized blocks with Democrat ringer voters (released felons?) toward their goal to flip Texas from red to blue. Bye-bye forever 38 electoral votes.

More nausea sources: realizing federal agencies support a systemic White displacement. HUD makes racial maps from U.S. Census Bureau data, the U.S. Department of Justice and IRS provide muscle to threaten anyone who notices or asks questions.

Survival means: stop their entire ugly system.

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