A Virginia Paleoconservative Is Appalled By The WASHINGTON POST's Latest "White Privilege" Example: Not Getting Murdered!
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Having grown up in a major metropolitan area where you had to be very aware of what areas to avoid to ensure your continued survival, I reeled with disbelief when I read the article I never worry I’ll be shot in Chicago. After all, I’m white, in the Washington Post.

Somehow, this article turns the ugly reality of black violent crime you  and the failure of the Democrat mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, and his administration to get it under control in Chicago, into a story about (what else?) white privilege. Yes, “white privilege” that in  author Edward McClelland’s warped mind translates into some fanciful protection from crime in minority dominated neighborhoods.

What escapes this fool, in his flawed interpretation of crime statistics, is that it is safer for whites to be in urban areas dominated by whites, not that it is safe for whites to be in transitional or majority minority areas beset with criminal activity. In effect, he is confirming other indications that Americans given free choice are choosing to live among their own kind, and given the propensity for crime for different demographic groups the outcome is entirely predictable.

Perhaps to clear up his confusion about crime McClelland [Email him] should read the 2016 edition of the New Century Foundation’s The Color of Crime by VDARE.com’s Edwin S. Rubenstein

But going back to the article, here are some quotes that leave me aghast:

  • “Even in the midst of a gang war, I had no fear of getting shot. Why? Because I’m white.”
  • “Walking through a high-crime neighborhood without fear of being shot is the ultimate white privilege.”
  • “In my lifetime, which began in 1967, it’s never been safer to be a white person in urban America.”
  • “No one is safer in communities of color than white folks,” former New York City paramedic Daniel José Older wrote in Salon. White skin isn’t bulletproof. It’s more like a “force field… powered by the historically grounded assurance that the state and media will prosecute any untoward event.”
This idiot for an author is fast using up his nine lives.

2016_stats_chicago_murder_crime__mayhem_heyjackass_-_2016-10-08_23-55-56See earlier letters from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: To the extent that McClelland has a point (only 29 of Chicago's 500+murder victims this year are white, and only four of the known killers) it's due to de facto segregation. Whites don't kill many people, and they don't live near, or with, the people who do.


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