A West Texas Reader Considers The NYT's "1619 Project" Another Blood Libel Against The American Nation
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Re: Steve Sailer's  Genuine Historians Denounce NYT's "1619" Project

From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

I wanted to pass on to you a  learned response to the libelous "1619 Project."

Because the so-called "1619 Project" originated from the New York Times I ignored it. I had not realized what a blood libel the so-called "1619 Project" is until reading the following commentary by The American Revolution Institute.

1776—the year we declared the self-evident truths that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—marks the beginning of our national experience. Whatever else they were in 1776, those truths were not self-evident. They were declared in darkness, in a world where freedom barely existed, and where the evidence of daily experience suggested that the mass of mankind was made to suffer without recourse, without rights, the lives of ordinary people held cheap by men who claimed that the right to rule and to high status and wealth was a birthright of the few, whom the many were created to serve. The darkness of that world was too great to be dispelled in one movement. It has been the work of many generations, and its heroes—men and women of all races—from 1776 until this day, are the common creators of free society.

Nikole Hannah-Jones asks Americans to reject the Revolution and claims that the men and women who sacrificed, struggled and died for American independence are unworthy of our respect. The American Revolution Institute asks Americans to embrace the Revolution and its principles as the common inheritance of free people, and to respect the men and women who secured our independence as our benefactors—and to recognize that the work they began is not yet done.

The American Revolution and the Foundations of Free Society, by Jack D. Warren, Jr., June 16, 2020

Because the fabrications, slanders, libels of the "1619 Project" are intended to be used in public schools and apparently that is already underway, we cannot ignore this attack.

Many battles to fight on many fronts. We thank you for all that VDARE does.

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James Fulford writes: Also worth reading from the same source: What’s Wrong with “The Idea of America”? by Jack D. Warren, Jr. June 16, 2020. However, Mr. Warren is wrong to think of America as originating in 1776—there was already a recognizable America, a "particular people"  existing in 1776. That America was what decided to break away from Britain. We ourselves have traditionally traced the beginning of America to the Lost Colony on  Roanoke Island in August 1587.

For more on the "blood libel" theme, see my “Black Lives Matter” Is A BLOOD LIBEL Against White America. Here’s Why.

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