A Washington State Reader Says Obama Will Regret Any “Administrative” Moves Towards Gun Control
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Re: A Pennsylvania Reader Warns Of Possible Executive Orders In An Obama Second Term

From: Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

The scenario presented by Mr. Hook is certainly scary and we have indeed seen our freedom stolen in so many areas—the United Nations’ globalist Agenda 21, for example (taking away sovereignty in the name of the environment) has become the bible for planners at all levels. Most recently we have seen Obama ignore Congress and institute an administrative amnesty which neither Congress nor the American people want. Obama does seem determined to do by executive order what he cannot get through Congress—and what the Constitution doesn't allow.

I have not been optimistic about the future of this country as immigrants with no interest in freedom pour in and students from elementary school to college are indoctrinated with statist teachings. For many years now, I have thought the future of the world is fascism: corporate elites in bed with government—we see it here in both parties and we see it in China where so much industry is owned by people with Communist Party ties or is even owned outright by the Red Army. The masses will be lulled with socialist giveaways, while the middle class will be destroyed—lowered into the ranks of the working poor.

However, I still have a small shred of faith in the American people left. Gun control is different from creeping environmentalism and regulations which most don't directly see. Seizing guns is something Americans can see and feel in their guts. I may be wrong, but I don't think Americans will knuckle under the way the British and Australians have. If Obama moves to take the guns out of the hands of Americans, I think he will awaken a sleeping giant and he will get a reaction that he cannot even imagine.

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