A Washington State Reader Laments The Political Verdict In The James Fields Trial
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Re: Charlottesville Survivor's Unequal Justice In Fields Charlottesville Trial—And, Increasingly, Throughout The Left’s America

From: A Washington State Reader [Email him]

Charlottesville Survivor's article(s) on this matter are the best well researched and written that I have yet to read. It's sad and depressing to no end. I have witnessed the fall of my country and the loss of freedom. I have friends who should know better but feel Fields got justice. I makes me sick to even call them my friends.

This was set in motion long ago. The first real view of the law becoming "political" was O. J. Simpson trial. James Fields is "guilty" of murder in the same way O. J. Simpson is "innocent" of the two murders he committed.

James Fields needs to have a new trial because this just can't be allowed to stand.

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