A Washington State Reader Has A Modest Proposal (With Apologies To J. Swift) On Where To Send The Troops
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From: Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

I have read a variety of reports, including Steve Sailer's and Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis's report in the Armed Forces Journal, on how nothing is being accomplished in Afghanistan. Indeed the same appears true in other Muslim countries where there have been attempts to encourage liberal democracy. Some cultures appear incapable of comprehending the virtues of a free society—they prefer the oppression and barbarism of an unreformed Islam.

However there are forces in this country which badly want to use US power to promote freedom and democracy. Having read Brenda Walker's piece and many others about the apparent Muslim takeover of Britain, I have a modest proposal: let us withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and deploy them instead in Britain.

There is reason to believe that the latter country might be capable of appreciating freedom and civilization if we could just help them throw off the shackles of Islam.

James Fulford writes: England actually was occupied, to a certain extent, by Americans, during and after World War II. Peter Brimelow grew up in England, near a huge RAF/USAF base called Burtonwood. In that period, Americans tended to be resented even though they actually had been invited, and were needed for national defense.

And of course, at the moment, the British don’t really want to be liberated—or they’d liberate themselves.

However, Riordan’s satirical proposal does make one point: it would make a lot more sense to go to all this trouble for the sake of a country like Great Britain, than for one like Afghanistan.

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