A Washington D.C. Lawyer Explains What Scott Brown's Upset Victory Really Means
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From: Charles Black (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Republican Wins Ted Kennedy's Seat

Here's a short course on what Scott Brown's Senate victory means to the White House and to immigration reform patriots.

The following are officially dead into the foreseeable future: health care, climate change and immigration reform.

Obamacare would never have been reconciled anyway. Both the House and Senate versions exceeded 2,000 pages making them impossible to merge.

The increasing nervous and poisoned Congressional atmosphere regarding health care would have been too much to overcome despite House Leader Nancy Pelosi's protestations to the contrary that Congress is "on course" even after Brown's win. (Watch Pelosi here.)

Immigration reform didn't get off the ground despite all the lip service it received.

Barely alive is Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Nevada, with its 12 percent unemployment rate, is a financial mess that Reid won't be able to clean up before November. If Massachusetts voters are angry, imagine the rage in Nevada.

Not dead, however, is President Barack Obama who will go into his first State of the Union address as the most battle scarred president in history after serving only one year.

Obama may try to press on with health care but that would be fatal to Congressional Democrats.

Since it is inconceivable that he'll let them go into November completely naked, I look for him to do something dramatic and popular with the electorate, namely to heavily tax bank profits and vigorously pursue new, stricter regulations on the industry.

Obama could likely push a stiff tax through Congress because, if approved, it would give members something to crow about on Main Street come November.

Otherwise, Democratic incumbents will be empty handed and swept out of office ten months from now.

Black's previous letters about the Department of Homeland Security visa waiver program, Barney Frank's immigration advocacy and a fraud immigration marriage that ended in murder are here, here and here. Black describes himself as a Democrat who is "100 percent" on our side of the immigration debate.

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