A WA State Reader Says That The Only Job Shortage Is Legislators Who Care About Americans
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From:  Alexis Smith (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: A Washington State Reader Is "Flabbergasted" That Her State Is Importing Foreign-Born Teachers

Letter writer Christina Neal must be the only Washington State resident who is surprised to learn that the school districts have hired foreign-born teachers even if they have scant credentials. [Washington Schools Hire Some Foreign Teachers by Using H-1B Visas, by Christine Willmsen and Lauren Turnbull, Seattle Times, June 28, 2009]

Even ski lift operators at Snoqualmie Pass are from Brazil, Peru and other South American countries.

America has plenty of software engineers, teachers, landscapers and ski lift operators.

The shortage lies among legislators who care about American citizens.

Smith counsels students in Washington's K-12 school system.

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