A Colorado Ph.D. Says Mexicans With AIDS Drain California Of Millions Every Year
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From:  Gil Fraser (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A California Medical Doctor Explains How Unrestricted Immigration Will Make Obamacare Impossible To Fund

Letter writer Dr. Herbert Chen makes important and neglected points.  

The Republicans should be forcing the Democrats to fully explain how illegals aliens will be cared for under Obamacare and who will pay for that care.

Few realize that California's ADAP, the AIDS Drug Assistance program, provides more than 10,000 illegal aliens with drugs and care costing over $15,000 per patient per year.

California is a huge magnet for Mexicans with AIDS smart enough go north.  

Nothing in the law either forbids or allows this. Yet the empire-building bureaucrats just slip these illegal aliens patients into the system and no one challenges them.  

The same can happen with Obamacare. Those who may criticize the rip off of tax dollars and the lowering of our healthcare standards will be dismissed as racists.

I'm heartened to hear Chen's voice opposing care to illegals, even though such voices are rare.

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